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Pest Control Company Offering Encino's Best Termite Solutions

Termites are a vital part of Earth’s ecosystem, but they are damaging the foundation of your home. We prevent and stop that through our top-quality pest control services in Los Angeles.

Termites are beneficial when they remain out in the wild, but when they start to feed on our homes and buildings, they must be stopped. If you have noticed small mud tubes around the foundation or crawlspace of your home, dampness or bubbles behind the paint on the walls, small mud-filled holes in the walls, or squishy boards, you need to call the best pest control company in Los Angeles.

Termites are damaging the foundation of your home. We prevent and stop that.

Our Story

We have more than 15 years of pest control experience. During that time, Encino's Best Termite Solutions has become an industry leader of specialized pest control in Los Angeles. Our experience ensures your peace of mind.

What We Do

We provide great customer service, honest pricing, and knowledgeable technicians. Our services include termite inspections, cosmetic repair work, local termite treatments, tent fumigation termite treatments, and preventive termite treatments.

Our service combines today’s most advanced technology and methods for termite solutions in Los Angeles. Our residential pest control services are designed to get termites out of your home and keep them out all year long. Our commercial pest control services will keep your business appealing to customers and not so appetizing to termites.

Opening Hours

Give us a call at 818-940-8606 to find out more about our termite treatment services in Los Angeles, or schedule an appointment today! Our team of highly-skilled professionals is standing by to help you find quick relief from your termite problems.


Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

Closed on Sundays

What Clients Say

"He went above and beyond to help us get the job done. You could not ask for a nicer customer caring business to take care of your termite needs or customer."
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